Review: SAS A340-300 Plus (Premium Economy) Flight

SAS Plus Premium Economy Seat

After flying the A320 in SAS Plus/Business from Brussels to Copenhagen I rested an hour in the Copenhagen SAS Lounge, took a shower, by asking a shower key at the reception and proceeded to my gate to board. This flight will get me the Aegean Miles+Bonus Silver status.

Showering before take-off is just one of the best things!

After showering I had the possibility to take some drinks and snacks.

SAS Plus passengers enjoy:

  • Lounge access (except a few cities do not grant lounge access: PEK, HKG, …)
  • Fast Track & Priority boarding
  • Amenity kit, water, slightly better meal on A340
  • More legroom
  • Bigger screen
  • Free use of in-flight Wi-Fi


I had a seat at 22A. The flight was not full and the seat next to me was free, which is great to store some stuff or use the table when finishing your food.

After take-off and a quick refreshing with a hot towel, I checked the amenity kit. Not really worth it. Not even socks.First, drinks are served and the flight attendants tell you to order your drink for your meal at the same time. Quickly after the drinks were served we had a choice between chicken or fish. I chose the chicken but I was disappointed about the meal.I quickly took the pillow and blanket for a power-nap. Sleep quality was average but still better than in plain economy. I just didn’t know how to position myself. Wi-Fi was fairly slow but worked.

About 2 hours before arrival they served breakfast, which was a bit better, fortunately.Afterwards, another hot towel was handed out. During landing, we had a smoggy view over Beijing.

Overall experience was average and may only be worth it for travellers without Star Alliance Gold card to benefit Lounge access and priority ground handling. Comfort is not much better than SAS Go (Economy) seats. In fact, on an empty flight like this one, it might even be comfier on SAS Go as you can lay down on multiple seats. The amenity kit is disappointing and the food is hit-and-miss. I might use SAS Plus in the future only if I need to re-qualify for Aegean Miles+Bonus Gold as SAS Plus accrues 200% miles.

Free wifi is unique, as most airlines charge something for the use of Wifi… even in business class. If you need to work online during the flight this might be a good solution for you!

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