Review: Newroz Lounge – Erbil (EBL) Airport Iraq

Iraq Kurdistan Erbil

I usually don’t review lounges, but because I haven’t found any single review online, I decided to share my experience.

I flew Erbil – Istanbul in December 2018 with Turkish Airlines economy class. To my surprise I was granted lounge access with my Star Alliance Gold status. Strange enough, the lounge is not listed on the official Star Alliance Lounge list. If I asked if I could bring a guest in the lounge, it was denied so not the general lounge rules were applied. Probably, they have an agreement with Turkish Airlines.After passing 3 times through security and taking a bus from the “main terminal” to the “check-in terminal”, I saw a sign to the Newroz lounge. The lounge was empty and the guy working behind the desk was watching some Bollywood series. He let me in and the friendly woman who working behind the bar said to tell her if I needed anything. 

The people who are afraid if they can get any booze, don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of alcohol here.

Erbil Airport Lounge

Even Heineken beer and Corona, below the juices.

Erbil Airport Lounge

There is a standard coffee machine too. Very useful because Middle Eastern countries are well known for their red eye flights.Erbil Airport Lounge

Of course you’ll also find snacks. I found sandwiches, cakes, yogurt, croissants and so on. The picture below is just from one of the fridges available.

Erbil Airport Lounge

Conclusion: It is a very small lounge, but you’ll find everything you’ll need. Free WiFi, snacks, drinks (including alcohol) and coffee. The fact that this lounge is so small doesn’t really bother as there was no crowd. It felt very private and “exclusive” because of that. Summarized: I didn’t expect any lounge access so this was a nice surprise!

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