Four things that describe Wroclaw

Wroclaw Main Square

I arrived with a friend in Wroclaw at night by bus. We had booked a hostel for €5 a night. We were only staying in this city for 48 hours so we didn’t have much time to explore the city. However, just in a few hours we already knew the main sights of the city.


1) Churches everywhere

There’s a ton of churches in Wroclaw. There’s even a Cathedral island [Ostrow Tumski] in Wroclaw. It is connected by Tumski Bridge.


2) Nightlife

This is a student city and there is a district with tons of night clubs. We even entered one, called Honey Bunny Club. Google Pasaz Niepolda for the best party club passage in Wroclaw! Die-hards can look for hostels inside this passage.


3) Dwarfs everywhere

We saw small statues of dwarfs all over the city and we decided to find as many as possible. The first dwarf was put by an anti-communist movement, Orange Alternative in 2001. Since then there are over 400 dwarfs in the city. Here is a small selection of dwarfs.

4) The Wroclaw Fountain

This fountain has shows every once in a while. We decided to go to one of the shows in the evening. It was indeed spectacular to see.

Do you still feel bored in Wroclaw and don’t know what to do? Hire a boat and take a short trip on the Odra river.

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