24 hours in Chiang Mai

Elephants crossing river in Elephant Nature Park

Chiang Mai has a lot to offer. I only had the chance to visit a small part of the city. If you are by any chance in November in Chiang Mai, make sure you do not miss out Loy Krathong on the night of the twelfth lunar month. During the festival, thousands of lanterns are brought in the sky!

The major thing that brought me to Chiang Mai was… elephants. Why would anyone who visits Thailand wants to ride an elephant? It has been proven for a long time that the elephants suffer from carrying humans and that the elephants in the business are mistreated. For the animal lovers, there’s an alternative way to have an encounter with the Asian elephant, and it is right in Chiang Mai.

I visited the Elephant Nature Park, they’re reasonably priced, you’re allowed to feed the elephants and wash them. These sanctuaries are still a big business, but I prefer to put my money into some kind of sanctuary, rather than an organisation that allows elephant rides. The lunch is complementary and is even vegetarian. The guide admitted that some elephants become picky because they realise they get fed as much as they want. Watermelons are their favourite ones.

Tons of food in their storage area… bananas everywhere!

The place is not only a sanctuary for elephants, but they also take care of buffaloes, dogs and even cats.


Cats Chiang Mai

Cats Chiang Mai

After returning to the centre of Chiang Mai, it was dark already. Visiting the Food Market in the city centre is a must. If you haven’t tried some Asian unique food before, you can try some crocodile, ostrich or insects!

Or walk around on the street markets of Chiang Mai.

After a full day in Chiang Mai, it was time to go to the hostel. Staying at Tanwa Hostel was very surprising… For such a low price, I received an amazing private room. I really recommend this hostel!

Although a hostel, there’s even a private bathroom and it looked pretty awesome.

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