Review: Aegean A320-200 Business Class Intra-European Flight

Aegean Business Lounge Athens

I had 2 upgrade coupons as a Miles+Bonus member with Silver status and decided to use them on my flight from Beirut to Athens to Brussels with Aegean Airlines. Free business class!

My first flight would take around 1 hour and 45 minutes to arrive in Athens. After check-in I went to the Business Lounge of Beirut Airport. Upon arrival I was a bit disappointed, such a depressing lounge. I was hungry and there was not much to choose from.

I had to choose from sandwich with cheese, meat pastries or sweets so I ate a ton of those meat pastries.

There were magazines and newspapers available in the lounge too.
It was time to board so I went to the gate and had to board the bus with all other passengers. This was my seat.

I received a welcome drink. When boarding was completed I realised only 1A (me) and 1F were occupied in business class. The other seats were empty.

I received a menu to choose my breakfast.

I decided to go for the spinach omelette. Right after choosing I had my meal within 3 minutes. I was not disappointed and everything tasted quite good.
Right after finishing my meal we were starting to descend. We arrived earlier than scheduled and me and the other business class passenger had our own bus to the terminal. As a transit passenger you have to pass the baggage claim hall in Athens, which is pretty unusual in most airports. Arriving at about 5:30 in the morning, I was the only passenger in the hall.
I quickly walked to the gates because I wanted to enjoy an hour in the refurbished Aegean Business Lounge. The new lounge looks quite nice and there’s a lot of food selection.

At around 6:30 in the morning, the place become very busy though. I saw some spinach-feta cheese pie [spanakopita] so enjoyed this great morning snack at the lounge.
There is a lot of place to sit though so even if it is busy you’ll probably find a spot.

I only had a one hour layover so I had to go to the gate already. As I boarded and went to my seat (1A again) I had a déjà-vu… 1F was occupied by another business passenger and the rest was empty. Everything was similar as my flight from Beirut to Athens. I asked a pillow to rest and watched some commercials about Greek islands on the small screen.

I received the breakfast menu and unfortunately I had the same options.
This time I chose for the quiche [sfougatto].
One more picture of the view of the alps from my window.
I enjoyed my flights with Aegean. The meals were good but I only had the chance to try the breakfast unfortunately. The seats are good and the flight attendants are kind, just ask them if you need anything. Would I pay for a business class seat? Probably not, as most of the times they’re priced for around €500 which is way too much. With Gold status you get 4 vouchers every year to upgrade to business and for 10,000 miles you can book a domestic flight with them in business!

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