The aftereffects of Athens 2004 Olympics – abandoned places

Old Hellinikon Airport Departures

2004 seemed like a great year for Greece. Not only did they win the UEFA Cup 0 – 1 against Portugal, the Olympic was a big success too. Locals saw the transformation of their capital city Athens.

By 2004, a lot changed in Athens. A new airport was built, an extended clean and reliable metro network was finished, stadiums popped out the ground and stray dogs were gone out of the blue. Is the Olympics one of the causes of the Economic crisis in Greece? Probably it contributed to it.

The airport and metro lines are still operational and are well maintained. When I visited Ellinikon airport, the old one of Athens, it seemed abandoned but still guarded so getting in was nearly impossible, unfortunately.

The Olympic stadiums seem abandoned too and I did not see anyone around, however, it is still a metro stop (Irini).

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