How to book cheap flights

Brussels Airport Overview from Business Lounge The Loft

1. Use Search Engines for Flights

Powerful tools I personally use to find my flight tickets:

Always check airfares on more than one search engine. You can also check the price on the official airline website.

Ticket pricing is something that is hard to predict. Always check if return trips are cheaper than single trips, if booking the stretches in 2 different bookings is cheaper, or look for alternative airports. Most of these anomalies are detected by Google Flights, that’s why it is the most powerful tool.

Google Flights is very useful to find the cheapest days in a month.

Adding multiple airports to your search is another big advantage of Google Flights. Here’s an example if you want to go to Thailand. Domestic flights are very cheap in Thailand so it doesn’t matter where you arrive in Thailand. The airport codes were set for Pattaya, Krabi, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket (max. only 5 airports per search). You can use World Airport Codes tool to find airports in a certain country or city.


2. Look for deals and promotions

A lot of websites list promotion deals. My favourite updated list is Premium Deals on Flyertalk Forum but economy flight deals are also listed on Flyertalk Forum.



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