Become InterContinental Ambassador to get room upgrades and more advantages

Work Space Le Vendome

Buying Ambassador costs you $200 or 32,000 IHG points. The annual renewal will cost you $150 or 24,000 IHG points. Is it worth it? Personally, I say yes. First off, this is what you get for being an IC Ambassador:

  • Fancy (worthless) Ambassador card
  • (Sometimes Voucher with free IHG points ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 points)

Official website here

The complimentary weekend night is the most valuable one. Will you be able to use the weekend certificate? If you do, you already earned back what you spent as most IC hotel rooms range between 150-300 euro. You will need to book on the special Ambweekend website for the free night. The prices are more expensive as you need to book the flexible rate. I booked a Club room [room with lounge access where you can eat breakfast, lunch snacks and Hors d’oeuvre] in IC Berlin for 2 nights for €500. My bill with the used voucher will around €280, which is a discount of €220, more than the price of Ambassador.

Important: you can only use the certificate if you have received your certificate by mail. This may take up to 8 weeks to receive this box. All other benefits are instant, however. Please keep in mind that all benefits listed above are only if you book with InterContinental hotels and not other hotels from IHG.

The room upgrades are nice too. Mostly you will get a one-category room upgrade. Some occasions you might get two or three category upgrades. At IC Le Vendome in Beirut, I booked a standard room and got upgraded to a sea view room for example.

The extended check-out is a big plus if you have a flight to take in the evening.

Fruits and other snacks vary from hotel to hotel. This is the fruit and snacks I received at IC Athenaeum Athens.

At IC Phoenicia in Beirut, I received a very nice Ambassador Welcome gift.

Whether it is worth or not depends on your travel frequency. In my opinion, even for only 2 stays in an InterContinental Hotel, it is worth it, as you can use the weekend certificate.

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