Award flights can now be redeemed online with Aegean’s Miles+Bonus


Aegean released an online award flight booking system this month! This is great news if you know you had to make a phone call for this in the past. Not only does this save you some time and hassle, but it will also save you 20 euro booking fee!

So how do you spend miles? This table tells you how much an award ticket will cost you in miles. Please note that these values are for return trips. If you would like to book an award for a one-way stretch, you just divide the miles by two. A big disadvantage for Aegean award flight is that you are only allowed to have one stopover of fewer than 24 hours which limits your routing options. If you’re lucky and live near a big international airport, this might not be a big disadvantage.


As Aegean Miles+Bonus frequent flyer program allows you to book Star Alliance award tickets through their website, you can start off by going to this link and log in your account.

Now you can search for award tickets in this application.

After filling all the details, you will be forwarded to the results and all the options you can book.

This is a big step forward for the Aegean Miles+Bonus program and encourages me more to collect miles! Please note that this application is new and some issues have been reported with it already. United and Air Canada flights do not always show in the results.

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