Ryanair seperates passengers on purpose to earn more from paid seat selection


When booking a flight with Ryanair and you are not paying for a seat selection fee, it used to be normal to be allocated next to each other. However, since the summer of 2017, The Independent wrote an article that families complain about random seat assignments, pushing families to pay for the advanced seat selection.

Last month, I booked a flight with Ryanair from Charleroi to Athens for four persons. We paid €29 each. It was not the first time for me to fly with the airline and I was assuming we would be allocated next to each other or at least close to each other. I was travelling with an 82-year old person who hadn’t flown for over 20 years and another 60-year old person who has never flown in his life before. I couldn’t just let them sit separated. A few days before we were about to leave to Athens, I did the online check-in procedure and we got ridiculous seats allocated.

As you can see, the airline even promotes to change the seat(s). So you might ask… why are they advertising seat changes if you can not allocate us close to each other. There is one simple explanation for that. Ryanair does this on purpose so you pay to sit next to each other. Because when I clicked to change our seats, there were so many options available to sit next to each other, as you can see, there are over 11 options!

So finally, I was pushed to pay for the seat changes, which added another €20 our flight which is still a good deal if you know we paid €29,99 for each seat.

I do understand that if I choose to fly with Ryanair I can’t expect any services. Although the airline does not promise you anything about seat allocation, they always allocated families next to each other. This suddenly changed during 2017. While this has reported several times in the news, Ryanair still disagrees about this “new policy”.

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